What is the Golden Visa Greece

Greek Homes provides you with a handbook with everything you need to know to apply for the Golden Visa Portugal programme. The programme offers fast track to non-european investors who invest a minimum amount on portuguese real estate, as defined by law in order to receive a residency permit in the country, alongside other attractive tax advantages. Welcome to Portugal Homes, we will help you with the investment that best suits your needs.

The Golden Visa Portugal program has been around since 2002 and was created as a way of enabling non-EU citizens the right to gain a residence permit in exchange for a 5-year real estate investment. Not only has the Golden Visa program helped people live and work in the area, but it has also done wonders for the local economy. It’s said that around four billion euros have been invested in Portugal since the launch of the scheme.

Greek Golden Visa program is one of the most popular citizenship by investment scheme both in Europe and the world, because of relatively affordable properties prices (one of the lowest of all EU capitals), Portugal is safe Country to live, with affordable quality of life, good health care, and education programs, great transportation system, and well-connected airports, best climate in continental Europe, amazing beaches and cuisine.

Those who gain access to Portugal citizenship by investment, the applicant only needs to spend 7 days per year in Portugal to maintain the residency, still keeping all benefits of being the EU resident, including visa-free unlimited travel and live in all Country members of Schengen area.

How to obtain EU Residency?

The Portugal Golden Visa program was launched by the Government to grant resident status to all real estate investors, and respective families wishing to invest in Portugal by the capital real estate investments to any citizen of Qatar, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and other non-EU countries except Portuguese and EU/EFTA citizens.

Once the golden visa residency permit is granted, you will have the right to:

  1. Reside in Portugal during the whole duration of visa;
  2. Work and study anywhere within the European Union, or exercise professional activity in Portugal;
  3. Travel freely, without visa, through the 26 Schengen countries of the European Union;
  4. You may also obtain a Permanent Portugal citizenship after a period of 5 (five) years, with the same right of anyone in Portugal and the European Union;
  5. Right to family reunion in Portugal and the European Union.

Holders of a Portuguese golden visa program are given a temporary residence permit in Portugal for one year, which is renewable for two-year periods. After five years, holders of golden visa can apply for a permanent Permanent residence, while after six years they can apply for Portuguese citizenship by investment, if all other legal requirements are met.

Henley & Partners, an advisory that specializes in residency and citizenship issues, noted a “dramatic spike ” in recent inquiries for the Portuguese Golden Visa program. “Portugal has proven to be an extremely attractive option, its relatively low cost of living, beautiful and varied landscape, Mediterranean climate, rich history and culture, and very high standard of safety and security have all been strong draw cards,” said Paddy Blewer, Henley & Partners group director of public relations.

Also, Lisbon was ranked by accounting firm PwC as the best city in real estate investment and development prospects among major European cities this year. Property prices in the metropolitan area of the capital were up by about 8 percent in 2018, and rental yields ranged from 5.5 percent to 6 percent.

How to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa

While the process isn’t very complicated, it does involve gathering a lot of documentation – both in Portugal and in your country of origin. You may collect all the needed documents and apply for Portugal’s golden visa on your own, but would be beneficial and much faster connect with local professionals. Portugal Homes skilled professionals know the local property market and laws very well and would be time and money solution offering you consultation’s about affordable properties to invest to, helping you with preparing documentation, providing attorney services and follow your needs during the whole period of your temporary residence obtained with us.

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Greek Golden Visa Program for Family Members

The Portugal golden visa program allows family reunion, permitting the following family members to join the golden visa holder in Portugal:

  • Spouse
  • Minor dependent children
  • Minor adopted children
  • Full-age dependent children who are still engaged in study
  • Dependent parents of either the golden visa holder or spouse
  • Minor dependent brothers or sisters who are under guardianship of the golden visa holder.

Family members receive the same rights, and will also be eligible for permanent residence after five years and Portuguese citizenship after six years in Portugal.

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