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Wood Flooring America Professionally Installs All Hardwood and Laminates:

Qualities which have made hardwoods a favorite for so long are projecting it into a bright future. Because hardwoods fit so well with the way we live, their popularity continues to grow even as architectural styles change.

Hardwood flooring works with all types of constuction. It can be installed on concrete slabs, on-grade and above-grade, or on conventional wood joist consruction over a basement or crawl space. Block, parquet and laminate floorings, can also be installed on slabs or conventional joist construction.

The trend toward remodeling and renovating has brought about a new appreciation of hardwood floors. Machine sanding removes the old finish, an operation that exposes a new generation of wood and overcomes years of wear and neglect. The newly refinished floor will be a source of pride for many years to come.

Color it contemporary or color it traditional. Hardwoods take beautifully to a variety of finishes. The degree of color is determined by the use of stains in the finishing process. These are followed by a penetrating or surface type protective coating. And here you have another choice in the degree of gloss, ranging from a soft, satiny appearance to a very reflective sheen.

Surface”Urethane” or “Water-based” finishes produce an extremely durable coating which is moisture and wear resistant and are suitable for finishing any floor of the home. Although most hardwood flooring is finished on the job, factory-finished (Laminates) flooring is available that’s ready for use as soon as it’s installed.

Hardwood floors are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and looking new. Hardwood is truly the floor for a lifetime.

A Tradition Professionally Refinishes all Hardwood Flooring

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Laminate Flooring and Wood Flooring : Huge savings

Laminate and wood flooring is our speciality and we believe that a floor should of course be beautiful to look at. Not just when it is newly laid but after 10 years of constant use in the family home. The perfect laminate and wood flooring should withstand the wear and tear of an active house-hold and be problem free. We have so many designs in laminate and wood flooring that you will find it easy to pick a floor to suit your style and furnishings. The brands we sell are of the highest quality and we are confident that at our low prices it is the best value you will find anywhere.

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Pergo Laminate

Pergo Original and Kitchen laminate flooring is now manufactured with the Click System to ensure easier installation. Pergo Original was invented 20 years ago – a completely new kind of laminate. A floor that meant freedom from having to choose between beauty and practicality. Pergo Original has a wide range of exciting finishes with a natural lustre that is ideal for the living room and hallway. Pergo Kitchen is available in planks or tiles and its water resistance makes it ideal for the busy kitchen and entrance area. All the Pergo floors have been triple guaranteed against wear, stains and fading. It is easy to maintain and is incredibly resistant to scratches so chairs and shoes dont pose a threat.

Quickstep Laminate

Quickstep revolutionised laminate flooring with the introduction of clic. Until Uniclic it was not possible to install laminmate panels so tightly together that you could hardly see the joins. The clever shapes of the tongue and groove click so tightly together that the join is virtually invisible. You don’t need any glue either. Whether you are an expert or a DIY enthusiast, you couldn’t work more quickly or cleanly. The joins ensure that no dirt can get in between panels and the surface is completely sealed from dirt and dust. It is extremely low maintenace and ideal for people with allergies.  Quickstep cleans with a damp cloth, is impact and wear resistant, even from heels, castors can roll across it without leaving a mark and cigarettes will not leave any burn mark for at least a few seconds.

Hard Wood Flooring installation
Discount Laminate Flooring From Pergo and Quickstep
Laminate Flooring Installation Instructions
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The following guidelines are for General use when installing laminate or wood flooring. There is little variance between manufacturers but please consult the individual manufacturers information and installation details. Failure to do so may lead to the invalidation of any guarantees.

Make Sure the Floor repair in Chicago is Even
Obviously there are few floors that are perfectly even. However, you must make sure that the floor you are placing your laminate on has no prominent high or low spots. These should be evened off prior to laying your laminate floor. Many small surface irregularities will be evened off by the underlay foam or fibre pads.

Before You Lay the Floor
Buy your laminate flooring at least two days prior to laying. Place the packs in the middle of the room in which you intend to lay it, so that the planks can acclimatise to the room conditions. Install the floor at normal room temperature.
Allow at least 5% extra on gross room area for cutting and shaping. Our online calculator automatically does this for you.

Laying Over Concrete Floors

When installing laminate over concrete floors you must always use a polyethylene film as a vapour barrier. Lay the film with at least 20cm overlaps at the seams. The film should not be installed on top of wood floors or other organic flooring. We stock high quality polyethylene films that are suitable for all laminate makes, however if you are installing hardwood floor installation you will neeed to use there own make. If you use another manufacturers film it may invalidate the guarantee.

Using Underlay Foam
This is a minimum requirement for underlay foam. (not as necessary if you are installing Hardwood). It will make the floor more comfortable to walk on and substantially reduce impact noise. Can be laid in the same direction as the boards or at right angles if you prefer. Edges should be butted together with no overlap. Leave an extra 5 – 10 cm at room edges. This can be trimmed with a sharp craft or ‘Stanley’ knife after floor has been laid.
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Tools Required
To lay any floating floor you will need only a small array of tools, most of which will be present in any household toolbox. However, there are a couple of items that may be required. Installation kits are available from the main manufacturers and these vary in their content, but tend to contain Tapping Block, Installation Spacers and Pull-bar (Jemmy).

The tools required are:

Cross-cut Hand-Saw or Jigsaw
Drill and Hole-cutter (for fitting round pipes)
‘Stanley’ or Craft Knife
Folding Ruler or Tape Measure

Hammering Block
Glue for Hardwood Flooring – allow 500ml per 10m2

Cutting Planks
Basic guidelines for cutting planks are, cut the pank face up if using a Hand Saw or Circular Saw and face down if using a Jig Saw.
Make sure all cutting tools are sharp.

Note: Always follow the individual manufacturer’s recommendations as failure to do so may invalidate any guarantee.

This Oak flooring is Engineered Flooring and is made of three structural layers including the finished veneer surface. Joints, though close fitting, will need to be glued to secure. It is ideal for a floating floor installation.The hardwood top-layer is coated with 6 coats of varnish, wax or oil and hardened using UV radiation. This surface layer is very tough but retains the feel of natural wood under foot. The flooring has a tough scratch resistant surface with a special layer which slows down the absorption of liquids leaving you time to wipe them up. Dirt doesn’t sink into the floor and sand wont scratch the shiny surface so you have no worries about damage to this Oak Flooring and maintenance is easy.
 The overall effect is a natural, beautiful and refined floor.
New Hardwood, Engineered Pre-finished Oak floors. For only £20.00 per square metre.

The Solid Oak Flooring we offer is manufactured solely from natural oak and is only £26 per sq m. It is 18mm thick with a tongue and groove joint. The floor is warm, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and healthy for your feet.
 The wood comes from sustainable forests which helps to preserve the balance of the ecosystem.
In the manufacturing process they apply a method known as ‘rational management of raw material’, which means that almost all the wood from the trees felled is used in production. This ensures that in the production of Oak flooring there is much less wastage than in the manufacture of traditional parquets. Scraps of wood and dust, unavoidable by-products of the process – are burned to produce heat energy. This energy is utilised in the production process and to heat the production shops in the winter. The remaining ashes have a high mineral content and are used as a component in fertilisers for the forest soil.
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